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Rumble at the Zoo

Book Two of The Project Adventure Series

Ethan and Matt take on their first client, Lisa, in their newly set up detective agency Project Adventure. They come up with a daring plan to find out why the animals at the “Skywalk Zoo” suddenly became aggressive, scaring visitors away. Facing some chilling truths, will they find out who’s behind it?

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The Scrapyard Shakedown

Book Four of The Project Adventure Series

Ethan, Matt and Lisa face their most dangerous adventure yet. Kalea has asked them to investigate what's going on at her dad's scrapyard. Some shady looking men have been hanging around there and her dad's been acting weird... Will they be able to expose and outsmart the villains without getting hurt?

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Cruise On The Line

Book Six of The Project Adventure Series

Set sail on a thrilling journey where the sun-kissed Caribbean meets chilling suspense in "Cruise on the Line," the sixth instalment of the riveting Project Adventure series by award-winning author David Konrad.

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Project Adventure

More About The Children's Books Series

Join Ethan, Matt and Lisa on their adventures as they take on unsolved mysteries, confront villains and end up with more than they bargained for!


Taking on unsolved mysteries adults aren’t interested in, Ethan and Matt, through their detective agency Project Adventure, throw themselves into helping other kids. With help from their first client Lisa, they discover long lost secrets and uncover crimes wherever they're needed.


Ethan and Matt grew up as neighbours and have been best friends since they were 3 years old. They know each other inside out. During their adventures they learn to make new friends, how to support and trust each other when facing danger and how to deal with first love.

New Skills

With every new adventure, Ethan, Matt and Lisa learn new things. They learn from each other, the situations they get themselves into and from their newly found friends. They also get to explore new places, getting a better understanding of people, cultures and history.

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Press Release

The Latest From David Konrad

International author David Konrad releases Portrait of a Robbery, the fifth book in his popular children’s books series, Project Adventure.

Just in time for Summer, the book launches June 28, 2022.
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