Rumble at the Zoo

Ethan and Matt take on their first client, Lisa, in their newly set up detective agency Project Adventure. They come up with a daring plan to find out why the animals at the “Skywalk Zoo” suddenly became aggressive, scaring visitors away. Facing some chilling truths, will they find out who’s behind it?

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Ethan and Matt receive a call for help from Lisa Moser, whose mom runs the “Skywalk Zoo”.

Recently, the animals at the Zoo have been taking turns in behaving weirdly and aggressively, scaring visitors away. The police are no help and if Lisa doesn’t figure out why it’s happening, the Zoo will be shut down and the animals put to sleep…

As Ethan and Matt are local celebrities after solving the mystery of the legendary missing diamond Heart of the Island, Lisa wants their help. With Lisa as their first client of their newly set up detective agency Project Adventure, Ethan and Matt head off to the Zoo. They have the weekend to solve the mystery of why the animals behave so strangely. The boys meet Lisa, and after discovering a chilling fact, forge a daring plan to get to the bottom of this mystery. But their search for the truth draws them deeper into this deceit and betrayal filled adventure.

Will they find out why the animals behave so strangely? Can the boys find out who’s behind all this? And can they protect the animals and stay safe? Could Lisa become more than just a first client, and join the boys on their adventures…? Find out what happens in this nail biting adventure at the Zoo, full of wild animals and rotten villains.

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Paperback, eBook

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164 pages


July 13, 2020







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…Using simple and direct language, with a sharp sense of humour that engages the young reader, the story flows with a very good rhythm and is hard to put the book down.

Lisa, Matt and Ethan (the narrator) have to face dangerous people with greedy interests, wild animals and their own fears to solve the mystery and ensure the Zoo is safe.

Characters are well developed. Perfect for individual reading, or for caregivers/teachers to read a chapter or two at a time, creating more suspense and engaging the young readers.

At the end the mystery is solved, new friendships are made and the reader gets the feeling another adventure is on the way!

A good book for children to find pleasure in reading.

Recommend for 7 years and up.

Luiza Junqueira